Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to! On this page you can find answers to common questions about our site. If you're looking for personal help, please visit our support page.

Where do I start?

Sign in through Steam and claim your free 25 balls. Then, choose a game and play for more! You can learn how to play each game by clicking “How to Play” on each individual game’s page. If you run out of balls, deposit skins and play to win!

How do I claim my free balls?

Use an affiliate link. You can find these floating through the wild, or you can click the free balls button located above the chat. Note: Free balls may only be claimed once

How much are balls worth?

You can exchange 1 ball for roughly ¢1 (one cent) worth of items in our marketplace. It is important to note that balls have no real-life value.

My items aren’t showing up. Help!

Your items will not show up in the deposit box if they are worth less than 100 balls, or if they are prohibited items (see below).

How are prices determined on the market?

Prices are determined using publicly available data from BitSkins. There are some items we do not accept due to price volatility: no stickers, no souvenirs, no music kits, and no capsules.

Can I withdraw without depositing, and are there any fees?

Currently, you must deposit in order to be able to withdraw, and you must also be level 1. The same goes for tipping other users. There are no fees associated with depositing with or withdrawing.

How do I level up?

To reach level 1, you must wager 2,500 balls. How you do so is up to you. The more you bet, the higher your level. For every level you reach, you are also awarded a ball amount for your efforts. To check your current progress, look under your name at the top right of the chat, or type /progress in chat.

Someone added me on Steam, is it you?

Probably not. Our owners, support staff or bots will never add you on Steam. Whoever added you is probably up to no good. Please join our official group to view our official staff and bots. Also, our only Twitter account is All others are fake.

Is the site fair?

Most definitely – and you don’t have to trust us. The proof is in the numbers. Please visit the Provably Fair page for a detailed explanation.

Do you sponsor?

Of course! If you have a large fanbase on a social network, or a strong viewership on YouTube or Twitch, please contact us via Twitter direct message or via e-mail.

Can I get my own affiliate link?

You can feel free to apply for one! The application is found on your profile page. It is important to understand that not everybody will receive a link in order to prevent spam possible flagging by Steam. Note: An affiliate link is not a sponsorship

Is the site mobile friendly?

It should be! For best results, use Google Chrome on mobile.

What are the chat rules?

Please use common sense. A full list of rules can be found in the Terms.

Do you offer bug bounties?

Yes! If you find an undiscovered bug that we deem worth fixing you will be credited based on the severity of the bug. Please e-mail [email protected] with a detailed report.